Sean McKee, born 1996 in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, is a singer songwriter/guitarist with a passion for the blues, vintage guitars and classic cars.

At the age of 8, Sean would play the drums in his grandfather’s basement. Able to play very simplistic beats by ear, he became interested in playing music. Although wanting to play drums, his father bought him an electric guitar, a gesture that seemed like a way to control the noise… However by his mid teens, Sean would be plugging into his ’71 Fender Super Reverb and cranking it up so loud that neighbors could hear it up to 2 blocks away.

While attending an Anthony Gomes’ show at 13, he was invited by Anthony to sit in during the encore along with a fellow young guitarist Tallan Latz. Only knowing how to play in one key and in total shock of the invitation, Sean, with the 3rd base coaching of Anthony made it through the encore. This moment however would confirm any aspirations of wanting to be a musician for Sean.

Always listening to music heavily influenced by the blues like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and artists alike, Sean found a deep love for the electric blues of the 50’s and 60’s. Particularly BB King and Magic Sam. He would spend his time listening to and learning from blues artists of the past and present. At the age of 15, Sean attended a Nick Moss show. Although never hearing him play, he was invited to sit in by Nick. 

After that Sean began to hang around Nick, seeking a mentor on the guitar. Unable to fulfill the role due to a heavy touring schedule, Nick suggested he take lessons from his older brother Joe Moss. For the next 2 years, Sean took lessons from Joe and performed with his High School band "Kee’s Trucking Co." After he graduated, he was asked by Joe to go out on the road and help sell CDs and move equipment in exchange for sitting in on a portion of each night’s show. Sean would do this as well as fill in on rhythm guitar as a sideman for Joe for four years before he would begin focusing solely on his own band.

Sean is currently based out of Chicago and has 4 Demos, an EP and 2 singles released. Sean has sat in and or played with Buddy Guy, Jimmy Johnson, Chris Cain, Nick Moss, Joe Moss, Michael Ledbetter, Anthony Gomes, Pete Galanis, Mike Wheeler, Biscuit Miller, Rocco Calipari, Tyler Mac, Paxton Norris, Tom Holland, Tallan Noble Latz, Toronzo Cannon, Nigel Mack and many more…